Option file for custom unattended Install

Option file for custom unattended Install

Option file is the alternative for command line parameters to customize unattended install.

So, instead of typing parameters into the command line, the needed parameters can be typed in a text file, then this text file can be added to the command line.

Option file can be useful multiple parameters are required whose character count might exceed the command line limit.

Creating an option file :

1) The file must be a utf8 text file

2) In the first line, type: # encoding: utf-8

3) The file must contain a list of command line parameters, each followed by an equals sign, followed by the custom value(s).

4) Start a new line for each parameter

5) Do not use -- in front of the parameters

Do not use quotation marks in parameters - not even if the specified value contains spaces

Example :

1) Contents of an option file to install the ARCHICAD24.exe file, using unattended install, to a customized folder location on your D drive, and including all components except ARCHICAD Help:

# encoding: utf-8


installdir=D:\DATA folder\


2) Save the file as a utf8 text file, e.g. “OptionFile.txt”

3) Add the resulting option file to the command line preceded by --optionfile

ARCHICAD-24-INT-3000-1.0.exe --optionfile OptionFile.txt

If either the executable or the Option file is not located in the current directory, you must specify its full path:
C:\Users\CurrentUser\Downloads\ARCHICAD-24-INT-3000-1.0.exe --optionfile D:\DATA\OptionFile.txt

Note that If the file path (specified in the command line) contains spaces, enclose the entire path in quotation marks.

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