Comparison of BIMCloud Basic and BIMCloud

Comparison of BIMCloud Basic and BIMCloud

Regardless of the project size or location of the design studios, BIMcloud allows real-time, stable collaboration for multiple designers to work on a model and documentation at the same time. The two versions are now known as “BIMcloud” and “BIMcloud Basic” in the latest installation, as opposed to “BIMcloud” and “BIM Server” in previous versions.
BIMcloud Basic (previously BIM Server) is a free version of BIMcloud for use on a local server in your design studio, while the full version of BIMcloud is available as a service, so you don't have to worry about server management.
Since the two versions are more closely related, it's simpler to update or downgrade when required, whereas previous versions had different installers. BIMcloud is compliant with ARCHICAD Teamwork versions 19 and up, and the same BIMcloud installer is used regardless of ARCHICAD edition. Each BIMcloud Basic installation will only support one version of ARCHICAD, which you have the option to choose during the installation Multiple versions of ARCHICAD can be supported by a complete BIMcloud installation. 

Users and Role

Users and functions are set up in BIMcloud Basic in the same way they are in BIM Server. To monitor user access rights within a project or globally across all projects, you may assign each user a task. In addition to the functions within Teamwork, the tasks in BIMcloud govern access to the management side of the BIMcloud. A general drop-down option in BIMcloud Basic allows you to monitor who is known as a “server administrator”, as in previous versions.

Feature Comparison

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